My music is now on Official.fm

I decided to make a post where I will consolidate all my music posts and have a player. I recently started an artist account at Official.fm where I'm putting all my own songs.

Part of the reason is that I hope I'll be writing more in the future and I want to be able to post them all in one place and use a player here. Also, the songs are both playable AND downloadable from my account there for anyone who is interested.

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Bulgogi(불고기) & Hobakjeon(호박전)

Tonight I made a Korean style dinner for my next door neighbour who also happens to be a good friend :) and it was yummy.

With a little help from some Korean cooks online I made bulgogi (delicious marinated beef) and hobakjeon (zucchinni pancake).

Both actually turned out well, I was so pleased, and we even made lettuce wraps with the bulgogi (with rice and gochujang chilli paste) and ate the zucchini pancake with the dipping sauce I made as directed in the recipe woohoo! We also had some cucumber and beetroot because it's nice to have something fresh along with the strong flavours.

I can highly recommend these two dishes if you are thinking of trying out Korean food. Both were tasty and fairly simple to make. I'll definitely be making them again.

Unfortunately I didn't think at the time to take any photos as I usually try to when making something new but I will make sure to take some the next time if I remember. Hopefully it won't be long before I'll be having another go at this. There are some other side dishes (banchan) that I want to try as accompaniments to the bulgogi and the meat was really yummy as it was. I might even persuade my brother and his wife and kids to try it sometime ^__^

In other news, the sun was shining really hot and bright today hurray! A couple of weeks ago we had some great weather but then it started to cool down again and it rained quite a lot. But this week we have had the return of the sun and it is soooo nice! I hope we get a decent summer this year, last year wasn't great and a lot of people I know struggled with their moods because of it and found it much harder to get through the long winter we had. However much we get of the sun though I will be happy to be thankful for it and enjoy it while I can :)

Dreams (poem)

My journal looks empty, so sad I've been neglecting it.
I just never seem to get round to writing here these days.

Well here is a little something I wrote yesterday to fill up a part of the empty space.


Are we fooling ourselves with these wishes and dreams?
Hurting ourselves with what could never be?
Ever wonder what good it can be just to dream
Of a life that’s beyond reach, beyond you and me?

Oh to dream of a life that isn’t too far
That can be held in my hand tight and safe and secure
Oh to dream dreams that keep me warm in the night
And in morning I find it’s still there in the light


Today on omonatheydidnt I saw a post about a racist slot in the program Quiz to change the world produced by MBC(Korea), and I decided that for once I was not going to just sit back and complain but I would do something about it.

I wrote an e-mail to a couple of people in MBC...one in MBC America and the other to the International Relations department of MBC Korea. I expressed my feelings about their content and asked them to deal with it and stop it.

I also visited the video on youtube...Click here for the video...to post a comment and to flag it as inappropriate.

Please help get the message across to MBC that racism is completely unacceptable by posting a comment on the video and flagging it as inappropriate and/or by writing to them. I'm not sure what the most effective way of communicating this is but I think perhaps flagging their video on youtube might get their attention the fastest.

I am still shocked to see such blatant racism being promoted as so called entertainment online and on television. Most of the time I enjoy Korean programming because it tends to be a bit more innocent than a lot of what's shown here but this was simply disgusting.

Happy Valentine's Day

Well hello there peeps!

It's been a rather long time since I posted anything but I hope to be more active again in posting in my journal, life's just been a bit busy at times and other times I was...too lazy, sorry.

But I hope you've all had a nice Valentine's Day. My day was pretty quiet since I'm on holidays for a few days but I finally got to the post office depot to pick up a parcel I missed last Friday and it turned out to be MY KPOP ORDER FORM YESASIA!!!! WOOHOO!!!

I might do a picture post of my new albums but I need to charge some batteries for my camera first anyway.
I had almost forgotten I ordered the stuff since it took a while to come but I got:

♫MBLAQ's new 100% ver. Mini Album
♫ALi's SOULRI Album
♫Infinite's Paradise Special Repackage Album

I was delighted to get them all but when I opened them up I got a little surprise. I didn't remember that there was a poster with Infinite's album so that made me smile, and then a little card fell out from the package as well and it turned out to be a little SUNGGYU card with his photo and signature!!! WOOHOO I got my favourite member ^___^ I know it's only a little card (about the size of a credit card) but it made me smile because it's LeaderGyu and I have such a soft spot for him :o)

So today has been a good day, and I'm enjoying listening to my new albums immensely!!!

I do hope you have all had good things happening for you today too.


Dance the blues away

Hi friends!

It's been a while since I posted anything here. I hope you're all well ♥♥ I've had a couple of rounds of a sinus infection during the last couple of months but I'm trying to eat healthy do what I can to build up my immune system so I don't get a recurrence again...so far so good! Of course I'm still a lazy bum who can't drag herself out of bed in the morning early enough to actually start any exercise routine of any kind but I do still try to get out for some fresh air and I still dance around the house like a crazy person quite often ^^

Which brings me to the video I wanted to share...if you are at all interested in dance you should definitely check this out. I kinda always wanted to go to dance classes of some kind but never did, so sometimes certain dances really catch my eye. I'm into a bit of pretty much any kind of style all mushed together hehe so this video suits me perfectly, oh and the fact that the guys dancing have incredible talent as well as a perfect flair for humour too!! If you know me you'll know I love to laugh!! Hehehe

On to the video:

If you think it's too long at least watch a bit, but I can assure you the full video is well worth the watch!

Oh and do let me know your news if you have any, or even if you have none ;o) I like to waffle anyway.

I think I need to give in and buy Matt Cardle's album

Anyone for a little Japanese rock?

It's quite a while now since I was first introduced to ONE OK ROCK. But ever since I've tried to keep an eye out for their new releases because they've had a few songs I've really loved.

So when I heard they had a new album coming out I got interested. Their newest PV just came out this week and I have been playing it on repeat over and over and over. I'm still looking for a translation of the lyrics but it's nice that part of it is in English anyway so I can at least get part of the meaning. But even without understanding it all I can say I am already in love with this song!!


Go on...click play...

I haven't listened to much Japanese music in a while but this song will be on repeat for days, weeks, months :o) And their new album is going on my list of albums to buy when I have some money to spare, joining JYJ.

"Dream as if you will live forever and live as if you'll die today"

Another cover...

A while ago a friend asked me to record a cover of a song for her and finally I got it done and I figured that it would be nice to share it with you guys here too and ask what you think of it. She didn't make it an easy one for me, her request was "Someone like you" by Adele!! I have to admit I almost said I wouldn't do it lol but then I decided just to do it in my style and not care if it doesn't live up to the original...cos let's be honest it takes a lot to live up to that voice!

So without further ado here it is...

Oh and if you don't already know Adele you should definitely check her out. She has an amazing voice and has written some fabulous songs!!

Edit: I've re-uploaded the audio with a better quality render as I realised the reason it sounded a bit fuzzy was the low quality setting I used previously.


I've been watching out for the mail constantly for the last week or so hoping for my yesasia order to arrive! And today it did WOOHOO ^^

I bought three albums, the first of which I think is quite possibly my favourite k-pop album ever (and that's saying something cos I love DBSK's music and it's always high quality). But yeah, the award for favourite album ever goes to...Collapse )

My first K-pop cover

After all this time as a fan of K-pop I have finally completed my first ever cover version!!!! EEK!!!

It's the song "You" by Beast. At one stage I was going to give up on this because I thought I'd never get a decent recording but I managed to finish it tonight with only a couple of mistakes in it I think so here I am posting it...I had to keep my promise I made in the party post with the other B2uties ^^